Orientation Session on Career Prospects

Career guidance for students is the process of helping them in making adequate educational and occupational choices and aiding them in making career decisions based on the demand and requirements of the future of work. It helps individuals make a shift from the general understanding of life and work to a more specific understanding of the realistic and practical career options that are available to them. In light of this, on 13th September 2023, an Orientation Session on Career Prospects in the field of Commerce was organized by Shantiniketan Indian School, Qatar for Grade 12 Commerce students. The session was hosted by Mr. Somaraju Subrahmanya, Chief Convenor, SIS APT. During the course of the session, Mr. Somaraju Subrahmanya highlighted several key points which brought deeper insights for students. He started with an introduction about various subjects and areas covered under the broad commerce stream. This was followed by a discussion about important current affairs related to the field of economics, commerce, business studies and marketing. Further, an overview of different fields of courses that students can choose from after grade 12th as a part of their college degrees was also provided. Moreover, a discussion on various career options that can be explored by students after completing their studies in the field of commerce was done. The session concluded with an overview about various important examinations that are held to get into prestigious universities and colleges after Grade 12. Overall, the session was beneficial for students as they became acquainted with wider career prospects that are available and also became aware with the current trends in their respective stream of study.

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