Origami “Bringing Fantasies to Life”

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The students of Kindergarten and Primary Wing participated with great excitement in the Origami Activity held on 29th May, 2014.

The kids explored with awe and wonder the innumerable possibilities arising from this paper folding activity. There was no end to the number of items that could be made through this craft. Under the guidance of their teachers the little hands worked magically folding and creasing the paper to create a variety of objects ranging from flowers, butterflies, animals, birds, fish, ship, sun etc. The excitement knew no bounds when in the end they come up with beautiful and artistic products.

The Children were deeply engaged and engrossed in their work. They experienced a sense of satisfaction as they set their creativity and imagination to work.

The amazing displays on the bulletin boards bore the theme ‘To save nature’ drew everybody’s attention. Each paper craft created by the children had a message to convey a fish saying save marine life, a puppy with a quote- Stop animal abuse, a colourful butterfly with a request to stop air pollution.  Thus a conscious intervention was made by teachers to integrate value education through this skillful activity.

This fun filled activity activity also helped children to develop the cognitive skills, spatial skills and understand the relation between shapes.

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