Parent Orientation Session

Embarking journey towards Distinctively Excellent Education
The Pre-Primary & Primary Section of SIS organized a brief awakening programme for parents highlighting the SIS Policies and School Culture with a deep insight into SIS Curriculum and approach on 27th, 28th& 29th August 2023 each presentation was consciously and deliberately planned to abreast the parents with fruitful and beneficial information.
Senior Head Teacher, Mrs. Mehjabeen Hasan embraced a heartsome welcome to the gathering and presented a panoramic view on the Learning Guidelines and the unique features of Shantiniketan Indian School.
Mr. Abdul Salam SIS Administrator in his presentation enlightened the parents on the school procedures and policies. SIS Counsellors Mrs. Reeshna and Dr Sujata briefed the parents on some of the major concerns and role of parents during the transitional phase among children. Some key points highlighting practical suggestions to issues like separation anxiety, adjusting in new
environment and making friends were discussed.
The Principal of SIS, Rafeeq Rahim, in his illuminating keynote address emphasized on the significance of developing the interest of the child for learning and to instil the urge for learning without compulsion, A beautiful message conveyed was to love children unconditionally and support them in their quest of learning.
Vice Principal Dr. Salil Hassan briefly explained the importance of parenting and shared some effective tips of good parenting. He inspired the parents to
encourage the children to be independent, confident and self-motivated learners.
An overwhelming gathering of parents with a very promising and highly appreciative feedback made the occasion a resounding success.

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