Parent Teacher Meeting at SIS

A Parent Teacher Meeting for classes I to XII was held on the 25th and 26th of October 2022 at Shantiniketan Indian School, to discuss the performance of our students with their parents. Keeping in mind the busy schedules of the parents, for their convenience, the meeting was held offline for two consecutive days, where on the first day the students who has no siblings were asked to attend and on the second day the students marked their presence with their siblings. Parents were given feedback on their ward’s performances. It was a great interaction between the teacher and the parents for the development of their children where they discussed both the strengths and areas of improvements. Parents were extremely delighted  to be a part of the program. They gave positive feedback to the teachers. For their convenience, a QR code was provided to the parents to submit their feedback.

The overall attendance of the Junior, Middle and Senior Section were 91%, 75% and 65% respectively. The meeting helped to create better understanding between the parents and teachers and build harmonious relationship between the school and the community.

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