Parents Orientation – CBSE (i)

SIS organized a Parent Orientation Programme from grades I to X on 23rd April, 2015. The event focused on making the parents aware of the CBSE-International Curriculum, the Evaluation Process, and the Behavior Policy of the school.

Principal, Dr. Subhash Nair, emphasized the role and responsibilities of parents in promoting the overall development of their children. He urged the parents to cooperate with the school authorities by ensuring punctuality and discipline; supporting their children to prepare their lessons and encouraging them to take active part in school activities. He further advised the parents about their role in the life of the child coinciding with growth and technology. Today’s Children being digital minded needs special encouragement and attention to stream line their growth productively.

CBSE-International Vice Principal, Mr. Dudley O’Connor in his address briefed the parents on the aims, strengths, unique features, curriculum design and methodology. In his enlightenment he focused on the Skill Based Curriculum, Experiential Learning, Analysis and Discovery and on Real World Experiences. The core of the school curriculum should be literacy, numeracy, science and social education. He also conveyed in his message that CBSE-International provides a rich experience that covers Arts and Physical Education and all of the other subject areas, that focuses on core pieces of learning. SEWA being the core, he encouraged the parents to actively support their children in strengthening the spirit of sharing and caring for the less fortunate.

The Programme began with a prayer followed by the introduction of the CBSE-International Teachers. As the Programme advanced there were a series of entertainment and performances by the students of CBSE-International. There were song and dance performances which exhibited technique, and showcased the opportunity for a creative outlet of learning through the school environment.

Senior teacher Mr. Virgil Dsouza, in his vote of thanks expressed his appreciation of the overwhelming response from the parents, which made the Programme a learning experience and a successful one.

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