Peace A Universal Language

“Language is to the mind more than light is to the eye…”

The Pre-primary section of SIS celebrated Language week with great enthusiasm from 8th January to 12th January. The activity aimed at equipping the young ones with language skills which will help them to contribute to the society.

The world is a melting point of cultural diversity today. English language is the key to learning and understanding this globally diverse domain.

Students from KG I and KG II participated in a range of interactive activities to build their speaking, writing and reading skills in English and Arabic. It started with phonics followed by rhymes and storytelling finally involving them in critical thinking activity which made them think, analyze and respond with wonderful answers and even queries……the cognition skill and the development of their analytical skills were exemplary and the teachers were spell bound by the queries of the blooming buds.

Word puzzle, phonics, picture talk, role plays, poem recitation, speech, singing etc. were the highlights of the celebrations.

The activity sharpened their language skills which will prove to be assets for the young ones to develop as effective communicators.


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