Pink Day

Pink Day was celebrated by the Pre-Primary Section of Shantiniketan Indian School on 27th September 2017 to acquaint the little buds with the concept of pink colour.

Dressed in shiny pink and adorable shoes, Barbie dolls of SIS added colour and vigour to the event. The young ones looked charismatic in their pink attire radiating love, beauty and kindness. Pink colour filled the air with care, compassion and love.

The teachers too dressed up elegantly in pink got a feeling that they were in a ‘Land of Barbies’..!!

The classrooms were embellished in pink using flash cards, props, boxes and more. The bulletin boards and corridors were beautifully decorated, an array of pink colour objects like balloons, ribbons, soft toys bags, umbrella, ball, boxes, crayons and paper cut-outs of butterflies and flowers were at display thus providing the students opportunities to have a clear sense of the colour and its importance.  

Children were given a thorough understanding about pink colour through fun filled activities. The little ones of KG I made pink paper crowns through cut and paste activity. While the senior KG children got engaged in finger printing, free hand drawing, collage work, colouring etc.

The teachers guided the little ones to display their creativity. The activities helped in exercising their gross motor skills, recognizing colour cues through touch and feel. The children played games on this theme, making that day more interesting and memorable.

The little ones enjoyed the activity and simultaneously understood the aesthetic sense of pink colour very well. Thus the purpose of pink colour day celebration was successfully fulfilled.

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