Pink Day

“The good effects of pink kindles friendship, harmony and affection…!!”

The Pre-Primary Section of Shantiniketan Indian School celebrated Pink Day on 26th October, 2016.It was wonderful to see our children bloom and blossom in different shades of pink.

The young ones came dressed in pink colour and brought pink coloured toys. All the pink colour objects were displayed in the class and children were introduced to different shades of pink. Bulletin Boards were decorated with bunny masks and posters depicting the impact of pink colour in our lives.

The tiny tots participated in a variety of hands on activities related to the identification of pink colour. Painting and colouring activities reinforced the concept of colour in children.

The aim of the activity was to make the young ones identify pink colour in the objects they see around them. Children were explained that pink colour signifies love, beauty and kindness. They were excited to learn that pink colour could be obtained by mixing red and white.

With all the girls in high spirits, the overall atmosphere was filled with excitement as well as elation. All the tiny tots with their beautiful attires plunged into colouring and drawing activities bubbling in enthusiasm and vigour.

The blooming buds enjoyed a lot and simultaneously understood the aesthetic sense of pink colour. It was indeed a visual treat to witness little ones dancing and glowing in pink. Thus, the purpose of celebration of pink colour day was fulfilled.

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