Pink – The colour of passion, warmth and happiness

Pink Day was celebrated by the Pre-Primary Section of Shantiniketan Indian School recently to acquaint the little buds with the concept of the colour ‘Pink’.

The toddlers attired in shiny pink and adorable shoes added colour and vigour to the daylong event. The young ones looked charismatic in their pink attire radiating love, beauty and kindness. Pink colour filled the air with care, compassion and love amidst this pandemic situation.

Children in Physical and Remote Classrooms were excited to learn that pink colour could be obtained by mixing red and white. They also participated in a variety of hands on activities related to the identification of pink colour. Made pink coloured paper crowns during the cut and paste activity.

They were also engaged in finger printing, free hand drawing, flower making, cherry blossom craft, colouring etc. The teachers guided the little ones to display their creativity and develop in them an aesthetic sense of pink colour.

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