Polemic Challenge 2024

On the 9th of May 2024, the SIS Activity Hall was abuzz with excitement as students, teachers, and esteemed guests gathered for the SIS Chairman’s Polemic Challenge 2024. The topic for this year’s debate was “Climate change should be framed as an opportunity for innovation and economic development rather than solely a crisis.” The event was meticulously organized and followed a precise itinerary.
The programme commenced promptly at 9.00 am with a prayer and its translation by Aisha Dilfa(Grade IX B) and Fadi Bin Sameer (Grade IX B), setting a respectful and contemplative tone for the proceedings.
Sana Naaz (Grade XI), with her eloquent welcome speech, formally inaugurated the event and introduced the judges, who were tasked with the critical role of evaluating the debate, creating an atmosphere of anticipation.
The Head Boy, Neeraj Rengith Chandran (Grade XII B), then took the stage for the felicitation segment, extending warm greetings and appreciation to all participants and attendees following which the highlight of the event, the debate, commenced. For nearly an hour, students presented their arguments with fervour and intellectual rigor, discussing the potential of climate change as a catalyst for innovation and economic development. The debate was intense and thought-provoking, demonstrating the participants’ deep understanding of the subject.
Following the debate, the judges shared their views and remarks, providing valuable feedback and insights. Their comments were both encouraging and constructive, aiming to guide the students in their future endeavours. The principal and president then offered their reflections, emphasizing the importance of such intellectual exercises in nurturing critical thinking and public speaking skills among students.
The moment everyone was eagerly waiting for arrived when the results were declared. The winners were:
•Best Speaker: Prathistha Bisht of Grade XI D
•Best Rebuttal: Priyash Ghosh of Grade XI A
•First Runner-up: Aaliya Eyash of Grade XI
•Second Runner-up: Sanvi Navas of Grade XB
•Best Team: Aathifa Jahangir (Grade IX D) and Prathistha Bisht (Grade XI D)
The announcement of winners was met with applause and cheers, celebrating the hard work and dedication of all participants.
Hana Mohammed Hafeel of Grade IX E delivered the note of appreciation, thanking everyone for their participation and contribution to the event’s success. The entire event was coordinated by Ms.Ninamol English teacher of the Secondary Section and continuous guidance of Mr.Wayne Rodrigues, Academic Supervisor who oversaw the planning and execution.
The programme concluded with a photo session, capturing the smiles and celebratory moments of the day. The event was not only a testament to the students’ debating skills but also an excellent platform for fostering a deeper understanding of climate change and its broader implications.
Overall, the SIS Chairman’s Polemic Challenge 2024 was a grand success, inspiring students to view climate change through the lens of opportunity and innovation, and underscoring the role of education in addressing global challenges.

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