• Eid Message

    Each day spent in acts of obedience to his Lord is Eid. The teachers of SIS welcomed the tiny tots of KG and Primary Section with heart-warming messages of love, universal brotherhood, charity, piety and humanity that they developed and imbibed during the holy of Ramadhan and through the celebration of Eid-ul-Fitr. The children exchanged […]

  • Nature Trail

    ‘Let’s reconnect with nature today, even if we are indoors.’ Pre-Primary Section of Shantiniketan Indian School conducted A Day Out -Nature Trail activity last week. Children enjoyed a virtual trip to the park, hills, mountains, and forest through captivating PPTs and video illustrations. The little ones virtually explored the beauty of nature which evoked a […]

  • Garangao

    Garangao-The joy of giving…!!! Pre-primary Section of SIS celebrated ‘Garangao’ a festival of generosity and kindness on 7th May 2020. Children dressed up in sparkling traditional attire of Qatar, enthusiastically participated through remotely conducted virtual programme. Children shared the message of love, care and joy with their buddies through virtual hugs, smileys and hi fives. […]

  • Blue Day – Marine Fest

    “Shades of Blue instill Truth and Confidence in our kids…”  The Kindergartners of Shantiniketan Indian School were floating in the oceanic palette of marine world as they dressed themselves in spectacular costumes of clown fish, octopus, sharks, scuba divers and mermaids added colour and vigour and attended the virtual classes. The tiny tots carried their […]

  • Show and Tell Activity

    The Show and Tell activity was remotely conducted through virtual classroom platform for students of Classes 1 & 2 of Shantiniketan Indian School. Children presented their self-made 3D models, charts and posters and expressed themselves through voice modulation and props to describe the object. They spoke proficiently and with ease on topics like Mother Nature, […]

  • Stay clean stay healthy

    In our endeavour to be extra cautious and aware of our mental health and physical wellbeing during this pandemic ‘Stay clean’ activity on Wednesday was organised remotely in collaboration with parents last week. The KG teachers taught the tiny tots how to wash hands to stay healthy and hygienic to keep themselves safe from COVID-19 […]

  • Jolly Phonics

    Pre-Primary Section of Shantiniketan Indian School conducted Jolly Phonics Day  recently in a highly stimulating virtual learning environment. Children thoroughly enjoyed singing the sounds of the alphabet in catchy tunes by doing the actions which laid a sound foundation of reading and writing skills. The teachers adopted the multi-sensory method and involved the children consciously […]

  • ABC Ice Cream Activity

    Pre-Primary Section of Shantiniketan Indian School conducted online ABC Ice Cream activity last week to help children practice and reinforce recognition of alphabet and letter sounds. The young ones logged in enthusiastically with pre-cut ice cream cones and scoops in front of them to play an ice cream theme game. Children enjoyed the alphabet game […]

  • SIS organizes Inter-School Teachers Discussion Forum through Live Streaming

    Shantiniketan Indian School continues in its unprecedented march towards excellence by organising the Inter School Teachers Discussion Forum 2020, of the Qatar Chapter. It had witnessed expert panelist from twelve Indian Schools and audiences from across the Indian schools in Doha. The remote session was ignited by the key Question confronting the Academics in this […]

  • SIS orients parent through Remote Virtual Parents’ Conference

    The novel Covid-19 has confined the school students to their homes keeping them away from School and friends.  However, the innovative nature of Shantiniketan Indian School has productively kept their students engaged and active at home through effective Remote Teaching. SIS organized an online virtual Parents’ Conference – 2020 which was attended by over 1500 parents. Remote […]

  • SIS Conducts Remote Online Teachers Discussion Forum

    Shantiniketan Indian School organized remote online teachers discussion on “Effective Methodology for Remote Teaching” with the panelists demonstrating various digital tools and techniques that can ensure an engaging, interactive and effective teaching learning process in this critical time where nations are adopting social distancing and students confined to their homes. The discussion moderated by Mrs. Nazia Saleem, […]

  • A story about Covid-19 by Anjali Anil

    KovyNintee- Diya Gets Battle-Ready   Diya Gets Battle-ready’ story by Anjali Anil and illustration by Arjun looks at the coronavirus pandemic from a child’s perspective   All there is to hear nowadays is talk and worry about something the adults call ‘KovyNintee’. Sounds funny. I just can’t seem to hold it in whenever I hear […]