Purple Day

Purple’-the colour of imagination, magic and creativity…….!!!!

The Pre-Primary section of Shantiniketan Indian School celebrated “Purple day” last week. A thematic colour day was a pleasant and a great way to introduce, teach and reinforce the concept of colours and its significance in our life.

Little ones dressed in a highly intense purple colour were radiating calmness, innocence and tranquillity.

Purple- the highest colour in the visible spectrum and known as one of the cool colours had a very favourable impact on the young ones.

The school campus was brightened and looked spectacular with the tiny tots actively involving and vibrantly participating in activities in a pleasant outdoor setting. Children brought objects like balls, grapes, balloons, bottles, pencils and toys like barney, sofia and much more in all tints of purple!!!!!

Each child was asked to pick their favourite purple object and speak a few lines about it. There were some vivid and animated descriptions……..well the aim was to develop their public speaking skills. ‘It was fun time!!!Every child’s face reflected the spirit of the colour- A purple Delight.’

It was totally magical to see them beaming with joy and posing for the clicks.

20161228_104833 IMG_2270 IMG_2275 IMG-20161228-WA0016

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