Qatar Chapter Capacity Building Program

Qatar Chapter Capacity Building Program held at Shantiniketan Indian School on Saturday 24th September 2022 from 9:00 am to 11:00 am on the topic “Classroom Management and Educational Approaches” witnessed informative and innovative discussions with active participation on Classroom Management, Effective Communication, Planning a Good Lesson, Teachers Resourcefulness, Teaching Methodology and My Role as a teacher. Teachers from all Indian schools Bhavan’s Public School, Birla Public School, Olive International School, Podar Pearl School, Rajagiri Public School, DPS Modern Indian School, DPS Monarch International School, Ideal Indian School, M.E:S. Indian School, Noble International School, The Scholars’ International School, Brilliant Indian International School, Doha Modern Indian School, Shantiniketan Indian School enthusiastically shared their views and tabled suggestions for improvement in implementing educational approaches to strengthen the learning culture and concluded that every child can learn and achieve high performance. The program was highly successful and achieved its objectives in understanding that inclusion, equity and personalized guidance are the main factors to consolidate high achievements. Principal Ms. Pamela Ghosh appreciated Resource Person Mr. Dudley O’Connor and Participating Teachers for actively sharing their views making the program a success. She motivated and encouraged everyone to implement what they have learnt in their classroom practices.

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