Qatar National Day Celebrated by SIS

Students, Teachers, School Management Committee Members and the Parents from 28 Nationalities of the strong SIS Family teamed up to express their strong sense of belongingness, support and love for the State of Qatar on the occasion of the Qatar National Day Celebration – 2021. The fantabulous programme organized by the SIS Team was premiered on YouTube drawing a large number of viewers from different parts of the world.

It was a short video showcasing the skills of Children in the form of Art, poetry, storytelling, song and dance the reverberated their love and respect for their country of residence that has provided them exceptional unconditional support for their growth and development.  The President of SIS – Mr. Rasheed Ahmed recalled the slogan of this years Qatar National Day Celebration and highlighted the strong bilateral relationship that India and the State of Qatar shares with each and thanked the Government for extending its support for fulfilling the educational support needs of the learners. Principal – Dr. Subhash B. Nair, also wished all the viewers by saying “We are Qatar, Qatar is our Home, we love Qatar, Let’s pledge to be responsible, considerate and hard-working for the sake of ourselves, for our family, for our society and for our nation.”

The entire SIS Family congratulates all for the wonderful programme produced by the team to celebrate the Qatar National Day.

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