Qatar National Day Celebrations – KG & Primary

Kids extend a symbolic gesture of love, solidarity, unanimity and harmony…!!

Qatar’s rich heritage and culture came alive at the exhibition organized in connection with Qatar National Day Celebrations at SIS, KG & Primary Wing.

It was a day of depicting Qatari culture through a wonderful array of models, charts and art works reflecting the country’s rich heritage and tradition. The exhibition was inaugurated by Principal Dr. Subhash Nair. Vice-Principal (Academics) Mr. Shihabudeen and Headmistress (KG & Primary) Mrs. Mehjabeen Hasan were also present during the inauguration ceremony along with the enthusiastic students attired in Qatari traditional costumes.

The exhibits, projects and the creative displays of various landmarks in Qatar provided a deep insight into Qatar’s diverse history & cultural heritage. Headmistress, Mrs. Mehjabeen Hasan and her team of teachers took the initiative to organize the event. She expressed words of appraisal for the wonderful parents who worked hard and diligently to make the exhibits attractive and informative.

The exhibition aimed at extending mutual support, cooperation and fraternity to the country which has sheltered expatriates with love, hospitality and security.

Little ones dressed in Qatari costumes with much worked upon props and accessories added beauty to the event. Students collected a lot of literature and a wealth of information on many aspects of Qatar. Large number of senior students, staff and guests saw the exhibits and appreciated the efforts of our little ones. It was indeed a gratifying experience to see the amazing models and posters displayed in an aesthetic manner.

Principal, Dr. Subhash Nair and Vice-Principal (Academics) lauded the outstanding work of the students, teachers and parents for making the event a grand success. They congratulated Headmistress, Mrs. Mehjabeen Hasan and her team for creating a vibrant, exuberant and highly spirited environment in the campus.

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