Ramadan Pathway: Culture and Values Ramadan Promote

As part of the project My values draw my Identity, initiatives of the Ministry of Education and Higer Education, SIS organized an orientation session for grade X and XII students called “Ramadan Pathway: Culture and Values Ramadan Promote” on Thursday, March 21, 2024 on the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan.
We were privileged to have Dr. Taj Aluva as our distinguished speaker. Dr. Taj Aluva is an accomplished author, media personality, and columnist based in Doha, who has contributed to leading English newspapers across the GCC countries. It was an honour for our students to have the opportunity to gain insights into the significance of this holy month from such a respected figure.

Dr. Taj Aluva’s words deeply resonated with the students, allowing them to not only understand the cultural and spiritual aspects of Ramadan but also to empathize with the emotions and experiences of others. His discussion on the struggles faced by individuals in Gaza and the daily hardships they endure left a lasting impact on the students, prompting them to reflect on their own humanity. Overall, the orientation provided our students with a broader perspective on Ramadan and reignited their sense of self-discipline, compassion and empathy towards others.

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