Ramadhan Celebrations at SIS

The month of Ramadhan was celebrated at SIS with programmes intended to spread awareness about the Holy Month and its importance in the life of Muslims around the world.

Dept. of Islamic studies at SIS conducted Ramadan gathering for Grade 12 students on 24th April 2022 on the topic ” Ramadan of Harmony and Unity.” The seminar was organized to emphasize the importance of harmony and unity among the individuals of society.  Special guest Mr. Yasir Ellathody (Business development specialist continuing and professional education directorate at the university of Doha for science and technology) spoke during the programme during which he interacted with the students and addressed their questions to have more clarity. Students shared their experiences of Ramadan in a pluralistic society where the people from various cultural backgrounds live.

Students decorated boards with messages and important aspects and essentials of fasting during the whole month. They recited the verses from the Quran during the assembly and translated to give out the tenets of Islam and the values embedded in it so that they can be transferred and imbibed in our life and actions.

Students showed great self-restraint as they carried out their daily learning transactions in school. They spread the message of charity and peace among all the fellow students, teachers and support staffs.

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