Red Day

‘The spectrum of Red promotes love, passion and courage…’

Pre – Primary Section of SIS created a dazzling ambience of red during their virtual classes to celebrate the Red Day with the tiny tots dressed in dazzling shades of red to give them a joyful learning experience.

Children came forward with confidence to speak about their favourite red-coloured objects. The classes echoed with music, cheer and laughter as the little ones enjoyed singing their favourite rhymes like ‘Apples are Red..’ and ‘My Red Balloon’.

They also created craftworks like bits pasting, a bouquet of red flowers, flying red balloons, watermelon, 3D butterfly, 3D strawberry, 3D apple and 3D cherry while strengthening their fine and gross motor skills.

The RED DAY celebration helped children to sort and classify objects based on colours by reinforcing their cognitive skills.

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