Red Day Celebrations

“Red radiates love, life, vitality and vigor…….”

RED signifies brightness, courage, passion and happiness and that’s what was glowing on the shining faces of our little ones on 24th April, 2017.They were exposed to the mesmerizing realm of colours. 

Through this activity children learnt about the colour ‘Red’ and its beauty. Bulletin boards and classrooms were crafted for the day. Teachers’ carefully planned activities to involve the children in the learning process and it rekindled their minds and enhanced their cognitive skills.

Cheerful children arrayed in exotic red outfits filled the air with joy, laughter and exuberance all over.

Special assembly was conducted with the emphasis on red colour. Teachers discussed the theme in circle time and integrated to all subjects, the young ones were encouraged to sing, dance and recite Red Day songs like ‘My red balloon….,Red Red apples……. , Red lollipop….. ’.

Some of the children attired as water melon, red rose, tomato and apple gave a brief and explicit description about each object.

The bubbly little stars posing in their red outfits with all the vibrant energy was indeed a visual delight……

Our Senior Head Teacher Ms. Mehjabeen Hasan was overwhelmed by the splendour created and embraced the children with utmost affection and care.

It was certainly a day to cherish……….. a memory to be captured……a rejuvenating experience which enlivened the atmosphere into breezy red!!!!

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