Red Day

The blooming buds of SIS celebrated “Red Colour Day” with sheer exuberance and gaiety on the 24th April 2019. Classrooms decked with red decors was further enlivened with tiny tots cheerfully entering the classrooms dressed in colour of love and smiles.

The little ones spent a spectacular day singing and tapping their feet to the rhythm and tunes of their favourite colour songs like ‘Red, Red all around..’, ‘My red balloon..’ and ‘Roses are red..’. Majestic red crowns, handcrafted butterflies, creatively moulded Lady Bugs, striking Photo Frames and other attractive red coloured objects were carefully integrated with the lessons to reinforce the recognition and classification skills.

Little commentators marched forward with great zeal and enthusiasm to share their views and perception about the importance of Red colour.

Fascinating hues, tints and shades of red made the celebration a memorable one….!!

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