“Resilience” – 21st SIS Annual Day Celebrations Premiered

Shantiniketan Indian School continued moving forward facing all odds to release “Resilience” the premiere of the 21st Annual Day Celebrations on Thursday, showcasing the Achievements of school, Students and Teachers in the year 2020. 

His Excellency – Dr. Deepak Mittal, Ambassador of India to the state of Qatar, congratulated the School Management Committee, the Principal, Teachers for relentless hard work that ensured learning by students are not affected and lauded parents for all their support in this most difficult time of COVID restrictions. His Excellency also expressed happiness for the initiatives taken by the school and commended the school for undertaking projects like developing SIS Learn Pedagogy promoting active learning focusing on equity, inclusion, and personalized instruction and also the E-Learning portal developed and maintained by SIS teachers.

Omar Abdulaziz H N Al-Naama, Assistant Undersecretary for Private Education Affairs, in his message stated that the school has achieved good results through many prestigious academic indicators, despite the circumstance of the global pandemic – COVID 19. He also expressed happiness for the school to be able to maintain its excellence by establishing high results in the school card issued by the Ministry of Education and High Education and PISA Examination. He also extended his sincere appreciation and best wishes for the school’s efforts to promote education and expand the circle of contributions to the society.

Mr. Rashid Al Amri, Acting Director, The Private Schools Affairs Department, in his congratulatory message said that “you as a school has not only stood up but overcame the challenges that the pandemic has brought.”

In the Presidential address, Mr. K.C. Abdul Latheef, while announcing that the “SIS Brand” has became a reality today as a result of the last 11 years’ dedicated hard work by SIS family, stated that the SIS Brand and its values need to be spread to the world through SIS Alumni with a mission to provide education for all aiming development (Thanmiya)– Security (Aman) and Peace (Salam).

He also stressed on the significant role of every member of SIS family – the students, parents, staff, management and the community in the further development of the SIS Brand and strengthening its distinctiveness in excellence.

Principal – Dr. Subhash B. Nair, presented the Annual Report showcasing the achievements and accomplishments of SIS students and teachers during the academic year 2020-21. He expressed his gratitude to all the officials in the Ministry of Education and Higher Education and the Embassy of India for their guidance and support and also thanked the School Board of Directors and Members of the Management Committee for their concern for the needs and requirements of the school. He also expressed his gratitude to the parents for their strong support and valuable feedback.

Head Girl – Riya Jayaprakash and Head Boy – Bharath Prabhu shared their messages and appreciated the efforts of the school management and the teachers for their continuous support and guidance to overcome all odds presented by the pandemic, in providing uninterrupted learning experiences through remote classes through blended approach and to help them prepare for their board examination.

The Annual Day Celebrations featured a short video of that featured performance of the students from the Talent Fiesta 2020 and glimpses of performances from Annual Day Celebrations from 2013 to 2020.

The Members of the School Management Committee congratulated students for their high achievement and the teachers for their hard work and personalised guidance.

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