“Rise above the Influence”

On June 6th, an interactive training session titled “Rise above the Influence” was conducted at the Activity Hall for Grade 5 students. Mrs. Faheema Mustafa, the student counselor, led the session under the supervision of Mr. Wayne Rodrigues, the academic supervisor of the preparatory section. The aim was to raise awareness about essential life skills, focusing on identifying various peer influences and effectively managing them.
Building on the success of the initial session, the second phase of the interactive series took place on June 12th, 2024, at the Activity Hall, targeting Grade five students. The session delved deeper into the theme of “Rise above the Influence,” with a particular focus on coping with negative peer pressure.
During this phase, a range of strategies was discussed, including the STOP technique, the use of humor, distraction, delaying tactics, and suggesting alternatives. The students actively engaged in discussions and role-plays, exploring how they could navigate away from negative peer influences. They were equipped with practical tools to assert their choices and opinions confidently. Following the session, students provided feedback on their learning experience and the valuable insights gained.
The outcome of the interactive training sessions on “Rise above the Influence” proved to be highly successful in achieving its objectives. Through these sessions, Grade 5 students gained a deeper understanding of essential life skills, particularly in identifying and managing peer influences effectively.

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