Mr. Shihabudeen Pulath holds Master Of Education (M.Ed) and Master of Arts (M.A.) In Political Science. He is an educationist with ten years of experience in teaching and school administration. He has an inspiring influence and is the key source of constant motivation for students and staff. His proven leadership is instrumental in staff and students working as a team. His vision is to provide quality education and excellence in all aspects of school administration. He has initiated many innovative and creative projects as an efficient school leader.



    Mr. Dudley O’Connor has more than 25 years of experience in the field of Education. Dynamic, respected teaching professional, inspirational mentor, consistent, respected for setting and maintaining high standards and instilling confidence in students to succeed. Master of Arts (M.A English) with B.Ed. he is enriched with international training sessions, workshops and seminars, contributed as a resource person for the promotion of education, encouraging latest ideas and techniques to assist teachers to be abreast with the changing trends and demands of the present generation. Took interest and assisted in initiating CBSE (i) at Shantiniketan Indian School which is highly successful today. His values are based on experience, and spiritual path of different kinds of experiences. It is the very experiences that has encouraged and allowed him to dedicate untiringly for the cause of humanity.



    Mrs. Mehjabeen is a successful educationist and educational events coordinator. She has been in-charge of the Kindergarten and Primary Section of SIS over a decade and is known for her acumen in dealing with young children. As a dynamic person and as a strict disciplinarian with care and consideration she has put in eleven valuable years of diligent and rewarding service. She works as a friend, philosopher and as a guide to students and teachers alike. A rank holder at the graduate level from the Andhra Pradesh Agricultural University (APAU), she is a zealous worker and is known as a hard taskmaster and at the same time a patient and a very understanding person. She has always been committed to excellence and is very enthusiastic about implementing new ideas. Her excellent organizational skills, the versatility in her approach to dealing with issues has made her a mentor for many teachers.

    JUNIOR SECTION (Classes I to V)


    Mrs. Heena Imran Dhondne is an energetic, ambitious leader who has developed a mature and responsible approach with a capacity to manage and lead. She has a proven track record of commended performance in teaching in institutions of repute, with a passion for education, unwavering commitment to optimizing student and school success. She believes that energy, enthusiasm, hope and grace are essential while leading in a classroom or school. As a Master of Science (M.Sc. Biochemistry) trained to teach (B.Ed.) she encourages active learning and collaboration in the classroom, developing a consistent and catalytic improvement, thereby helping students to become productive and successful citizens. She believes that to succeed in life and to achieve results, one must understand the three mighty forces- desire, belief and expectation. As an educator, her efforts are to give wings to the divine fire of curiosity among children and fill their minds with the glow of its goodness. She believes that ‘Life is no brief candle but a splendid torch which can be made to burn as brightly as possible before handing it on to the future generations.’


    Mr. MATHEW K.C.

    Mr. Mathew K.C. has been in the field of education for more than two decades. He holds a degree in philosophy, and a Master’s degree in English [M.A.], with B.Ed. He worked as a senior English Teacher in The State of Eritrea [N.E.Africa] as part of The United Nations Educational Programme, for 6 years. He proved himself as a successful educationist in various capacities both in India and abroad.  His simplicity and dedicated service help him win the hearts of many. His philosophy of life gives more emphasis on, values and moral principles which are gradually disappearing from the modern world. His vision is to be a strong support to the institution in changing the mindset of the new generation, and then provide quality education purely based on values and moral principles.

    SECONDARY SECTION (Classes IX and X)


    Mrs. Mimoona Beevi holds Master of Arts in English (MA) and Master of Science in Psychology (MSc)  with B.Ed. She is an educationist with 21 years of experience as a lecturer in the University of Science in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and administration in Indian and International schools in India and abroad. Serving as Resource person of CBSE for the last three years. Worked as a Certified City Coordinator of National Testing Agency of MHRD, India. She has served as office bearers of Sahodaya school complexes in Kerala for many years. She was honoured by Minister of Education, Kerala in 2018 for the excellent academic achievement in CBSE board Examination for many years. She encourages independent learning and empower students to embrace responsibility with core values of life. She truly believes that each child is unique and we accept all our students with their strengths, talents, and areas for development. As an educator she encourages principle of Embrace, Engage and Empower. She has a proven record of committed and dedicated service in the field of education for the last 20 years. She believes that a successful education is all about inspired, imaginative and child centered. We at Inspiration, light a fire within the child so that he can fly with the wings of fire and seek new heights.



    Mr. Syed Meraj Ali has more than 13 years of experience as Head of Commerce and Management Department with a demonstrated history of working in the education management industry. Strong operations professional with a Master of Commerce focused in Accounting and Finance, and Master of Business Administration with specialisation in Finance and Business Management. Has experience of Conducting regular one-on-one accounting and finance courses for the end-users of accounting software and practical accounting courses and computerized accounting courses for non-financial executives and college students, holding a series of training lectures and presentations to various levels of management to ensure successful implementation of the system. He has five years of experience of teaching graduate and postgraduate students for various courses in Commerce and Management. He has experience in implementing and auditing the quality standards of ISO 9001-2008 and Qatar National School Accreditation. He has achieved the success in guiding and teaching the Qatar Toppers in Commerce and Accountancy subjects coordinated for 3 years the school’s accreditation process of QNSA and received award for participating in School excellence award 2019 from the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, Qatar. His strong relationship and cooperation towards his colleagues provided an opportunity to be as Staff representative in the School Management Committee. He focuses on teaching while keeping his subjects related research vibrant. His teaching philosophy has been a culmination of his everyday interactions with students and evolved from an intuitive feel for what works and what does not. He is fully dedicated to enhancing his instruction knowledge and tools formally and informally. He believes that “Education is the knowledge of putting one’s potentials to maximum use. Without education, no one can find the proper right path in this world”.

    ICT (Classes I to XII)


    Mr. Syam Krishna M.S. has eight years of rich experience in the field of education. He is a man of virtues. Through his dynamism and integrity, he has instrumentalized the progressive rhizomic ICT curriculum, which is highly individualized and customized. His track record speaks volumes about his tenacity and resoluteness in augmenting students and school success. As an ardent student of Electrical Engineering, his pursuit is to learn novel things and let the thirst of knowledge grow in young minds. He believes in mentoring the students and devised the personalized guidance and counselling plan that the school has adopted to help every student stand by themselves. His undying smile and participatory leadership echo his belief in equity and inclusion. This belief had led to students achieving centum in Engineering Graphics. He believes that “Education is the gem in the mantle of life and if it is closely guard it will illuminate the lives of all”.

    PRIMARY SECTION (Classes I and II)


    Mrs. Shalini Priya is a dedicated, ambitious goal driven teacher, with 8 years experience in the field of teaching. She has a Master degree in English Literature (M.A) and a Masters in Education (M.Ed). She was awarded by the District Collector of Coimbatore, India; for her work on Education for Transgenders. She is highly motivated and a driven teacher who is promising to satisfy educational needs and well being of the students. Her hands on experience in facilitating and guiding reading, writing, oral language skills as well as delivering reading intervention instructions make her a role model that inspire children. She thoroughly enjoys working with children and encourages creative expression. With her knowledge and experience in education, she strives to build student self-esteem and encourage understanding of cultural diversity, gender differences and physical limitations, creating a cooperative community in the classroom; model for students the importance of mutual respect and cooperation among all community members. She enjoys being a caring teacher who wants all children to be successful learners and works to create a classroom atmosphere that is stimulating, encouraging, and adaptive to the varied needs of her students.



    Mrs. Prabha Saji is a science graduate and holds Bachelor of Education degree. She has been relentlessly serving India and abroad for more than 27 years. Her contribution to the Department of Mathematics as HOD has been of vital importance. Her passion for the subject and commitment makes her stand apart. She has also been Examination in-charge and Academic Coordinator. She has gracefully proven her acumen in shaping young minds and enhancing their analytical skills. She is a woman of substance with a remarkable sense of commitment. She manages her team with immense sensibility and dexterity.