School Song

Light we lit to Enlighten,

Lead Us Right to Empower,

Dark Daren’t Overcome,

Light but Survive Forever,

SIS Holds a Lamp of Love and care,

Kindled Eternal Truth and Wisdom.

SIS Moulds our Brain and Soul,

To serve and thrive one and all,

With Teachers Toil we outdo all,

Tribute in Loyal we keep in Roll,

Wit and Wisdom, Truth and Trust,

Bricked and Blended Head to foot,

Faith in Almighty Reliant Pursuit,

Thou! We Beg to Bless in Quest!!

SIS Enthuse Noble Dreams

Peaceful Earth and Joyous world

Simple Life and Noble deed

Lead us straight to Golden Annals.

Lyrics by: Mr. Muhammed Ismail

Music by: Mr. Mohsin Kurikkal

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