“Self-awareness is often a first step towards goal setting”

KG & Primary Wing of SIS conducted Self Awareness Week from 10th April to 14th April to develop the thinking skill that help the children to tune to their feelings, thoughts and actions.

Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom. It is vital both to a child’s academic success as well as his social growth.

The students were eager to learn more about themselves. Many activities were organized to give children a chance to recognize their own qualities. Children drew their self-portrait reflecting various moods and expressions. They talked about their favourite story, cartoon character, colour, food etc. Hands on activities, skilled worksheets and role play and other series of activities helped the tiny tots to develop a sense of life experience.

Children discussed about different celebrations, their beliefs and customs. The young ones played games which made them aware of their traits. They listened to what other students felt about them. This helped them to understand how their thoughts and actions affect other people.

The children learnt to identify their strength and weakness thereby understanding how they differ from one another.  This awareness led to self-reflection which made them feel that they were unique. It’s the first step towards self-advocacy asking for the help they need.

This venture enabled the young ones to explore their individual personalities. It facilitated their capacity to learn from their mistakes, accept criticism and listen to and understand the feelings of others.

In a nutshell this endeavour served as a tool for monitoring and controlling the behaviour of our little ones.

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