Senior Secondary Farewell 2014

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The congregation of the management, school officials and teachers of Shantiniketan Indian School held a farewell for the outgoing class XII students of CBSE and CBSE-I streams of the senior secondary section.

The students of class XI organized a grand programme on the occasion inviting the senior students to make it a memorable evening for them. On this emotional and exciting event, the president and the General Secretary of the School Management Committee, principal, section heads spoke their hearts out and gave a strong message of success in life to all the outgoing students.

In his address, Mr. KC Abdul Latheef, President, urged the students to be connected with SIS as proud alumni and take on all challenges in life in a healthy and positive spirit. He also urged them to make full use of the values and skills developed at SIS and to evolve as integrated personalities and global citizens to contribute immensely towards the development of their own country or for the development of Qatar if they prefer to work in Qatar.

Dr.Subhash Nair, principal, wished all the students success in their life. He urged them to work further hard to achieve excellent results in their forthcoming examinations. He also asked the gathering to respect the values imbibed in them throughout their academic pursuit at SIS.

Vice principal-Administration Mr. Shihabudheen Pulath also inspired the graduating students by his emotional speech, recollecting his first experiences of teaching this batch of students and the learning that he got out of this teaching experience.

Mr.Dudley O Connor, Head Master, CBSE(i), enlivened the audience with his inspirational quotes that lifted their spirits and instilled fresh challenges and desire for success.

The highlight of the evening was the entertainment provided by the students of class XI who organized a memorable programme. Ashish Milind of class XI created a heart-touching video clip to recollect some glorious moments of togetherness at SIS. This was followed up with a banner revelation bidding them a hearty farewell.

Farsana Abdullah and Deepti Shahi of class XI conducted an entertaining set of games involving the students. The Juniors impersonated the seniors showing how they take them as the role model in making up their own future.

Sarah Salah and Sheryl Shibu lit-up the evening with a stunning performance during the award ceremony. Panel of students adjudicated the winners in different titles. Amal Fathiam was adjudged the ‘Best Orator’ while Ishaq Ismail was chosen as the ‘Junior Einstein’ of SIS. Safwan Koya was declared the ‘Best Personality’ and Aditya Anil Nair as the ‘Best Sportsperson’ of the year. Sneha Vinod became the ‘Most Lovable’ personality whereas Sarah P Mathew won the award for the  ‘Most Talented’ student. Nermin and Mishal Abdulla were crowned as the ‘Lady of the Evening’ and ‘Gentleman of The Evening’ respectively.

The evening was wrapped up with a gala feast and sights of emotional parting. We wish all graduating students success and prosperity in the years ahead.

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