Sense Organs in Action !!!

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The KG and Primary Wing of SIS celebrated the Sensorial Perception Week from 12th to 18th June to help the children acquire a clear and conscious understanding about the five sense organs and its functioning that makes him a sensorial explorer.

The weeklong celebration included video show to impart the auditory and visual senses.  The children were given natural objects to create the stimuli for touching sensation. They relished a variety of fresh juices and other food stuffs to satiate their taste buds and fresh flowers to smell and identify their favourites.

The highlight of the event was the enthusiastic participation of the tiny tots in various sensorial perception games designed to sensitize their organs. Teachers prepared placards, posters and flashcards to create awareness among the students. These consciously designed sensorial activities offered the students their first step towards organising their intelligence that helps children adapt to the environment.

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