Sensorial Perception Week

Students of KG and Primary wing participated in the sensorial perception activity conducted from 19th June to 23rd June

Learning is dependent on the five senses. Children learnt about the five senses through different activities.

Activities using visual aids helped in identification and discrimination of unique colours, shapes and dimensions. Students were provided with a mystery bag, wherein they put their hands and by the touch of the things they tried to recognize various things, textures and shapes. The children were blindfolded and asked to recognize pungent smelling things like ginger and onion or sweet smelling things like fruits. Olfactory materials addressed the difference between odours.

Auditory materials highlighted the distinction of unique sounds and tones.

The activities provided children a wonderful opportunity for learning. Some sensory play activities benefited the development of fine motor skills by encouraging manipulation of materials such as mixing, measuring, pouring and scooping while other activities such as lifting, throwing and rolling helped in the development of gross motor skills.

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