Sensorial Perception

Touch, feel, see…n….. Conquer the world of learning….!!

Students of KG and Primary wing participated in the sensorial perception activity conducted from 15th June to 22nd June, 2015. Students were provided with exuberant and rich opportunities to investigate, apprehend and acquire a lucid insight into the world of senses.

The environment provided the children with an opportunity to explore their senses through individual activities that helped to isolate, yet, still enhance all their senses.

  • Visual materials like LEDs, Tabs, drawings & illustrations aided in the child’s discernment of unique colours, shapes and dimensions.
  • Hands on exhibits of the tactile materials like food, sand, and water helped children differentiate various textures.
  • Auditory materials like mobile, tape recorders, CD players accentuated the distinction of unique sounds and tones.
  • Olfactory materials like deodorants, flowers, incense sticks addressed the difference between odors.

The activities provided children with a meaningful avenue for learning. This bonded relationship between learning and senses was made relevant and purposeful. Some sensory play activities benefitted the development of fine motor skills by encouraging manipulation of materials such as mixing, measuring, pouring and scooping while other activities such as lifting, throwing and rolling helped in the development of gross motor skills.

The purpose and the magnitude of the 5 sense organs was well interpreted through hands on activities, video clippings and some amazing perception games. Since learning is reliant on the 5 senses it helped the children in their effort to sort out the many and varied impressions given by these senses.

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