“Language – A Vision of Life…”

The students of KG and Primary wing celebrated “Shake-a-Phrase” activity. This endeavor was just an inspiration for the children to exert hidden power and investigate their literary skills.

The growing buds were provided with descriptive sentences, story starters, pictures and flash cards and were asked to create short stories using the clues and hints given by the teacher. The young ones were very zealous and got vigorously devoted in this interesting and enterprising activity.

Kindergarten classes were divided into groups and each group was asked to frame a phrase describing the picture. It was really amazing to see little ones coming up with some very creative and ingenious ideas. STD I & STD II were given short phrases to connect and associate. Puzzles and games on the ipad and tabs captivated the young minds and unlocked their creative potentialities.

The bulletin boards reverberated with inciting messages that generated the stimulus in the learning environment. The tiny tots got an opportunity to enhance their vocabulary and language skills. The students loved, enjoyed and appreciated the efforts made by their fellow friends to frame some innovative and instantaneous sentences sweeping their imagination.

This attempt helped the students develop their communication and cognitive skills, thereby broadening their cultural outlook and imaginative empathy.

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