Show & Tell Activity

“Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises…”

To help our children bloom to perfection, SIS KG and Primary Wing conducted the Show and tell activity on 17th May, 2015.

Children were thrilled and excited as they came along bringing their valuable chattels like soft toys, electronic gadgets,  family portraits, albums, e-books etc. eager to speak and share their thoughts on it with their buddies in the classroom.

Enthusiastic students plunged into action and came forward in kindred spirits sharing their experiences. The classes reverberated with speeches, tales, narratives and short stories.

The diversity of thoughts, ideas, views, interests and aptitude was reflected in their short explanation. It was wonderful to see the budding talents develop speaking skills through such deliberately planned in class activities.

It goes without saying that their involvement in individual activity infuses in them self-confidence, self-reliance and assertiveness.

The lively sessions introduced the children to different perceptions, environments and interests of their fellow class mates. Sharing their possessions with their peers makes for a comfortable arena for all involved.

Positive and social interaction helped to boost the self-esteem of the little ones and make them feel good about themselves.

They left the school in a jubilant mood eagerly looking forward to share their experiences with their parents.

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