Singing Competition

Music binds our soul, hearts and emotions. It cheers the spirit and lightens the heart.

An Inter Class Singing Competition was organized at Shantiniketan Indian School in the month of November. Students of grade I and V participated in the competition. The purpose of the competition was to bring out the singing talent of the students. Through this program children learn to express their feelings and ideas.

Each class prepared song under the guidance of their teacher. The children sang the songs like “No Hurt No Cry”, “Celebrate the Rain”, “It’s A Small World After All” etc. with lot of passion and confidence. The melodious songs pulled the heartstrings of the audience. Each class showed their mastery over voice modulation, pitch, rhythm and tone. The children showcased a sense of pride, self-esteem and self-confidence as a result of the competition.

Audience thoroughly enjoyed the mellifluous songs and were impressed with the confidence, the tonal quality and the enthusiasm with which they sang.

The occasion was graced by the esteem presence of the Principal, Vice Principal and special guest, founder and CEO of Gen Next Education, USA, Mr. Girish Ballolla.

The students were well appreciated by the judges from USA. The competition was a great success.

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