SIS Bids Adieu to Students of Batch – 2020-2021

Facing all odds and upkeeping the traditions of Shantiniketan Indian School, the students of the current batch of Grade XII, organized “Until We Meet Again” an Online programme to bid adieu to the 2020 -2021 batch of Grade XII students amidst a hostile and unprecedented condition that the world is going through. 

The students, arduously supported by their teachers organised an emotional and heart-warming farewell reflecting the spirit of SIS as a Brand and as a Culture. The Alumni members Mr. Smart Suresh and Ms. Kaniz Fathma Sinethyah, mirrored their experiences and offered their support and guidance through their video messages.

The programme was graced by Mr. K.C. Abdul Latheef, President, Dr. Subhash B. Nair, Principal; Mr.  Dudley O’ Connor, Vice-Principal; Mr. Abdul Salam, Administrator; Head Teachers, and Teachers. They showered their blessings and best wishes to the students who completed their first academic milestone and are ready to venture out into the new world of higher studies to come up as qualified and successful professions.

Mr. KC Abdul Latheef, urged the students to reflect the vision, mission and core values that have been imbibed through actions. He also advised that as flag bearer and ambassadors of SIS, to spread the values of righteousness, integrity, equality and justice that will kindle humanitarian spirits among everyone with whom they get associated with.

In his message, Dr. Subhash B. Nair, advised the students never to think, say or do anything that will make their mother feel sad and less proud. The resilience and confidence that they developed during the time of extreme difficulties that caused them to feel battered will make them stronger than before.

Ex Headboy – Bharath Prabhu led the pledge and persuaded the students to make their parents feel proud, through their actions.

The Valedictorians – Bharath Prabhu, Riya Jayaprakash, Ruman Syeda, and other students from the 2020-21 batch shared their experiences and expressed their gratitude towards each and all their teacher who nurtured and shaped their schooling and education and helped them to develop core skills and imbibe values imbibed in them to embark upon a new journey and achieve excellence in their professional career.

Sadia Anwar welcomed the gathering, Shourya Pratatp Bisht presented a short musical tribute to the outgoing students. Lamiya Ibrahim presented the vote of thanks to complete a memorable event for the outgoing students of batch 2020-21.

The programme was followed up with an interactive session between the outgoing students, teachers and the School Management Committee Members. During the interaction the management committee members – Mr. Rasheed Ahmed T.S, Mr. Anwar Hussain and Mr. Arshad E – shared life tips for success and ways in which they can move forward in their life successfully. The students spoke their mind and heart out sharing their memorable experiences, the best practices of which they were a part of and gave valuable suggestions for further improvement that can impact so many lives of learners at SIS.

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