SIS Biennale 2023, an exhibition organised on 2nd February, DEAR an integrated approach to learning was an illumination of art, science, literature and values. The focus was on DEAR (Drop Everything And Read), a project initiated by Principal, Mrs. Pamela Ghosh to strengthen habitual reading. Children from Grades 1 to 8 were actively engaged in this programme throughout the year with learning activities that motivated reading practises. Their enthusiasm was exhibited with a display of talents in the form of various graphic stories, synopsis, cartoon characters, authors, narratives and poetry in the form of performing art. Children created their own storybooks with beautiful pictorial illustrations and confidently narrated in their own words. Some of the stories included famous cartoons, fairy tales not forgetting Akbar and Birbal (Jewels of India), while famous poets like Robert Frost, John Keats, Rudyard Kipling and Sylvia Plath’s work was displayed. The eminent work of William Shakespeare was dramatized through performing arts. This was integrated with My Values Shape My Identity, to strengthen the spirit of belongingness and loyalty to preserve the principles of national values, Code of Ethics which was presented, focused on the value of respect and responsibility. International Year of Millets, was celebrated by the students to create an awareness about the essential benefits of Millets in our daily diet. They showcased their culinary skills by preparing some scrumptious dishes using Millets, namely Foxtail Millet Kebab, Millet Kheer and Millet Payasam. To sharpen the natural curiosity, innovation, inventiveness and to lay emphasis on the correlation between science and mathematics, exhibited some beautiful live models, posters, home security system.

Entering the culturally enriched arena where a vibration of the essence of music and dance was witnessed. The walk-in art gallery was a display of amazing colours portraying sceneries, landscapes, silhouettes and free hand art. An arrangement of craft models based on sustainable development goals added values to the event. A display of Robotic cars, ATM touch sensor projects, Mobile Apps like location tracker, Tic Tac Toe Games, Web Applications integrated with AI and Engineering Graphics on mechanical car and inclined bench created an ambience of thrill and curiosity.

Special guest from the Ministry, Scouts and Guides, Mr. Ahamed Khamis B Al-Yousef (Scout Activities Consultant),  Ms. Muna Jumah Al Mansouri (First Scout Activities Expert) , Paramjeet Bullar( Scout & Guides Expat Coordinator) and the Management members, Mr. Anwar Hussain, Mr. Muhseer Abdullah, and  Mr. Arshad E were highly impressed and appreciated the excellent creativity, innovation, and unique displays of children. Principal, Ms. Pamela Ghosh applauded the students and congratulated the team for an excellently unique array of ideas and creation.

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