SIS Celebrates 17th Annual Day with a Cultural Extravaganza

Shantiniketan Indian School celebrated its 17th Annual Day with a cultural extravaganza titled “Spectrum”. The event was weaved with creativity, imagination and intriguing messages representing an array of diversity and possibilities.

The Annual Day was glorified by the presence of the Chief Guest Mr. Hamad Mohammed Al Zakiba, Director of Publications and Press Department, Ministry of Culture and Sports and the Guest of Honor. Mr. Ahmed Al Sheeb – Expert, Office of Qatar Independent Schools, Ministry of Education and Higher Education.

The Spectrum started with the supplication of God followed by cultural events sparkled by the charismatic performance of the students. The sparkles of love and compassion was beautifully portrayed by the tiny tots who managed to rekindle the spirit and soul of the audience.

Dominic O’Connor, the Head Boy of SIS, welcomed the gathering and set the stage for some mesmerizing performances – visual treat for the packed audience. Principal, Dr. Subhash Nair, presented the Annual Report highlighting the achievements of the students, leaving a mark of SIS in every possible field of talent. The President, Mr. K. C Abdul Lateef, in his presidential address promised all support to the stakeholders of the school to achieve Excellence with Uniqueness. Rizwana Rahim, the Head Girl, expressed a note of appreciation to all the guests.

Dr. Subhash Nair, SIS Principal, the recipient of the National Award to Teachers 2015, was honoured by the School Management and by the Indian Islamic Association  on this special occasion. The AISSCE Qatar Topper Salwa Jalaluddin, Qatar subject toppers Namita Mohan and Vishal MK, were also honoured for their exceptional academic performance. Students with astonishing achievements and SIS staff who rendered meritorious long service were also honored by the Chief Guest and the Guest of Honour.

The cultural extravaganza began with the Echo of Mother’s Love presented by the students of Classes I and II. “Jungle Book“was reinvented and presented very creatively by the students of CBSE-i. “Wizard of Oz”, performed by the Junior Section created a magical charm among the audience who were left mesmerized by the sheer talent of the students. The Middle Section expressed euphoria when being in “Cloud Nine”. The Students of the secondary section showed how an ordinary day can be turned into a “Scintillating day” by presenting the theme Unity in Diversity through various dance and art forms. The last performance of the evening was marked by the Senior Secondary students bringing out the essence of nostalgia of reunion and “homecoming” and reliving the excitement and fun of the school days. The celebrations filled with dance, music and histrionics concluded with the national Anthem of Qatar and India sung by the School choir.

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