SIS Celebrates 18th Annual Day

Shantiniketan Indian School celebrated its 18th Annual Day with a cultural extravaganza titled “Glissando”. The occasion was intertwined with ingenuity, imagination and thought provoking messages signifying a multitude of diversity.

Mrs. Rowda Safwan Zeedan – Director, Private Schools Affairs (Ministry of Education & Higher Education). Mr Hemant Kumar Dwivedi – First Secretary (Information & Education) and Mr. Saoud Saad M.A Al-Kumari – Vice Chairman (Shantiniketan Indian School) graced the occasion with their esteemed presence.

In his welcome speech, Prabhat Shahi, the Head Boy of SIS, highlighted the developments made by the school in providing high quality learning facilities along with providing opportunities that have really helped students in developing 21st century skills to meet global challenges.  

The President, Mr. K. C Abdul Lateef, in his Presidential Address highlighted the school’s growth over the years and the management’s effort in building up the SIS brand aligning the school’s vision, mission and objectives with Qatar’s Vision 2030.

A short video prepared by the SIS Family was presented to express solidarity to Qatar that was echoed by the huge audience live during the programme.

In his Annual Report, Dr. Subhash Nair, the Principal presented the various activities undertaken in the school, the new resources and facilities added that are aligned to achieve the Vision, Mission and Objectives of the school.

Mr. Hemant Dwivedi congratulated the teachers, parents and the students for their hard work in putting up a glittering performance.  Amina Karim, the Head Girl, expressed a note of gratitude to all the guests.

Yaqub Choudhry and Esrat Jahan were honoured for their splendid performance in the Inter School Polemic Challenge. School toppers and Subject toppers in the AISSCE and AISSE Examination – 2017 were honoured on the occasion. Mrs. Geetha Rajesh and Mrs. Rachna Kabra were awarded for their commendable long service. The three winners of the SIS Nikon Inter School Photography Contest “ PERCEPTIONS” were also honoured by the esteemed guests on the occasion.

About 700 students from various age groups performed on stage showing exemplary skills of creativity, collaboration and coordination that stunned the audience once again. “The Magic of Music” by the blooming buds of the Kindergarten, revitalized the essence and passion of the spectators. Chiquitita” was created as a new version by the students of classes I & II from the Junior Section through the “Gateway”. Middle Section students unveiled the awareness on the issue of human trafficking through the“Stolen people, stolen dreams”. Students of the Secondary Section enthralled the spectators on the theme “LOVE”, expressing that LOVE will never ever let one be the same. “Sulit” presented by the Senior Secondary Section elucidated the tendencies of parents to guide children to paths they believe is the best and the leanings of children to make their own choice.

Vice Principal Mr. Dudley O’Connor, expressed his gratitude to the esteemed Guests, the Managing Committee Members, the leaders of the school, the parents, students and the entire administrative staffs for their extensive support to make the Annual Day programme a Grand success.

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