SIS Celebrates World Environment Day with Engaging Activities

SIS celebrated World Environment Day with a series of engaging and educational programs designed to promote environmental awareness and action. The event kicked off with a prayer and its translation by students, setting a reflective tone on the importance of environmental stewardship. The Assistant Head Girl, Prathista Bisht welcomed attendees, emphasizing the day’s significance and the school’s commitment to environmental education. The Principal shared an inspiring message on conservation before inaugurating a virtual photography expo featuring student photos of nature and environmental issues. Junior students performed a dynamic mime on nature conservation, while middle section students presented a tableau highlighting environmental themes. Secondary students organized an Environmental Day quiz for Grade IX, fostering a competitive and educational atmosphere. Ms. Bushara, the Academic Supervisor, delivered a heartfelt message on the role of students as future custodians of the planet. The event concluded with the Assistant Head Boy’s vote of thanks, expressing gratitude to all participants, organizers, and attendees. The celebrations were beautifully organized, ensuring active student engagement and inspiring proactive steps towards environmental protection.

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