SIS celebrates World Environment Day

World Environment Day was enthusiastically celebrated on 5th June 2023, by the Scouts and Guides of Shantiniketan Indian School. The event aimed at raising awareness about the importance of environmental conservation.
The participants engaged in various activities, including tree planting, cleanliness drives, and educational sessions on sustainable practices. The event fostered a sense of responsibility and commitment towards preserving the environment among the Scouts and Guides. The event was organized by Scout Leaders, Mr. Wasiullah Farooqui and Mrs. Carol Gonsalves.
Principal- Mr. Rafeeq Rahim and Vice Principal- Dr. Salil Hassan delivered a short speech regarding environmental awareness and how to clean our environment.
It was a successful and impactful celebration, reinforcing the school’s commitment towards environmental stewardship. The event concluded with a pledge by all participants to continue working towards a greener and healthier planet.

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