SIS Chairman’s Polemic Challenge

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Shantinketan Indian School organized its prestigious SIS Chairman’s Polemic Challenge, 2014, today in its Activity Hall. The atmosphere was filled with intense debating on the Topic – “Should Students be involved in the Teacher-evaluation process.”

The debate was judged by expert external judges comprising Mrs. Malini Sahni – Educator and Trainer, Mr. Virendranath – Educator and Trainer and Mr.George Edison, Vice Principal of Birla Public School. Sarah Salah of Class XII emerged as the best speaker followed by Naveen Kelvin of Class XI and Eshrat Jahan of Class IX. Green House emerged the House Winner closely followed by Blue and Red House.

The programme was attended by Dr. Subhash Nair – Principal SIS, Mr. Dudley O’Connor – Vice Principal – CBSE-I and Mr. Shihabudeen Pulath Vice-Principal (Admin).

Speaking on the occasion, the judges applauded the efforts of the Speaker and Mrs. Malini Sahni, advised the students to improve upon their skills by being neutral in their accent. Mr. Virendranath expressed his surprise at the excellent thoughts presented by the speakers during the debate. Mr. Edmond congratulated the students for being so spontaneous during their rebuttal and expressed his happiness at the quality of the debate.

Dr. Subhash Nair, announced the results to the greatest joy of the winners and then concluded the programme with his thanks giving note to the judges for their fair judgement and the contestants for their wonderful effort.

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