SIS Holds Seminar on Ramadan and its Objectives

A special seminar was organized by Shantiniketan Indian School, Doha on “Ramadan and it’s objectives.”  The seminar was conducted in the virtual Zoom Platform attended by a large audience of students, teachers and parents.

Mr. Anwar Hussein is a Management Consultant, Journalist, Mediapreneur and Educationist addressed the students and parents to invoke in them the objectives of Ramadhan. Mr. Anwar Hussain, who has prominent multi-national companies, UNEP and Educational ventures as Corporate Strategy and performance Specialist, said that Ramadhan is not just fasting but it is a cultural and spiritual occasion. He also explained that the purpose of fasting is to attain Taqva   which is three dimensional. First is to understand the creator who is a monitoring and controlling everything every moment. Second is to understand ourselves and the third is to give back to the society.  The message shared inspired and motivated the audience and helped them understand the objectives of the holy month of Ramadhan. He also answered the questions asked by the students to have a clear understanding of Ramadhan and its intricacies.

Sadia Anwer, Cultural Secretary of the SIS Students’ Council, hosted the events with sheer professional and directed the appropriate questions to the speaker making the session interactive.

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