SIS Holds Seminar on Ramadhan

The Student Council of Shantiniketan Indian School organized a virtual seminar on Ramadhan – The Culture and Values it Promotes. Dr. Taj Aluva, the renowned motivational speaker and social activist, was invited as a Guest Speaker to enlighten the students and parents about the importance of Ramadhan and its cultural importance and values.

Dr. Taj Aluva, who is also an author, media person and columnist based in Doha, who explained in  detail the meaning of Ramadhan and its significance – scientific, cultural, religious and humanitarian. He also highlighted the Qatar culture and traditions in respect to this holy month. While addressing to the students and teachers, he said that Ramadhan is for all. The holy month is dedicated with  fasting to show gratitude and gratefulness to the Almighty. Respect of Freedom, respect of right, kindness and good behavior are some key objectives of fasting. This month imbibes self- discipline and restraint from temptation. This is a month for charity and to feed the poor and the needy as 17% of the people in the world do not have access to food.

He also answered the question posed by the students who were enlightened and enriched by the information shared. The entire SIS fraternity is thankful for the session as many unknown facts were revealed to the young minds.

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