SIS holds webinar on “Teaching and Learning Styles to Enhance Competency”

Shantiniketan Indian School organized a webinar on the ZOOM platform to discuss and throw light on “”Teaching and Learning Styles to Enhance Competency”. The event was aimed at enlightening the teachers to get acquainted with the importance of using different techniques and learning styles that can help in developing and promoting competencies among children that can help them in their life beyond classroom in the real world.

The Webinar moderated by Mr. Austin Solomon was highly interactive and informative as the audience got a chance to ask question after the elite group of panelists shared their insights and perspectives on the most relevant topic confronting the academicians around the world. Mr. Shihabudeen Pullath – Sr. Vice Principal, discussed about the different types of learners and the different strategies that teachers can adopt and use to enhance the competencies of children. Mr. Matthew KC – Head Teacher – Middle Section, talked about the Teaching Styles that can develop and improve the competencies of children and also shared about the different factors that influence the teaching style of teachers. Mrs. Mehjabeen – Senior Head Teacher, explained in length What is Competency Based Learning, its advantages and in what ways it can be promoted in school.  Mr. Dudley O’Connor, reflected on different approaches and impact of education on the life of learners, what should be the focus and in what way the competencies be developed in children.

Principal – Dr. Subhash B. Nair – praised the ideas shared by the panel of educational leaders of SIS and appreciated the teachers for having upgraded their skills and competencies in this challenging period to support and help the children in their learning process.

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