SIS organises Students’ Discussion Forum on “Integrity – A Way of Life.”

Students of Shantiniketan Indian School (SIS) held a discussion in front of the gathering of their teachers on “Integrity – A Way of Life” to highlight the importance of being honest and having strong moral principles with a holistic approach.

The discussion was moderated by Master Adithya Hubli, who insisted on adopting the ethos of integrity into their lives to make the human race as the best race that ever existed. Miss Lamiya Ibrahim, one of the seven panellists, emphasized on genuine self-awareness. Master Shourya Pratab Bisht introspected on aligning integrity with one’s own identity, and choices which reflect who we are and what we value. Miss Sadia Anwar warned as how the lack of integrity is harmful to the society whereby with that value, the world would be a better place.

Miss Ganga put forward the real plan to have integrity, which is to practice internal honesty. Miss Daana O.M. highlighted the attributes of integrity. Miss Isha Shanum threw lights upon paving the path to integrity, peace and happiness wherein the people should trod the path with faithfulness despite all odds. Miss Sahla Muneer extended another method to be honest within oneself consistently.

Principal, Dr. Subash Nair, appreciated the efforts of the students for showcasing the forum in the best possible way and reminded the importance of integrity in one’s life.

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