SIS organizes Inter-School Teachers Discussion Forum through Live Streaming

Shantiniketan Indian School continues in its unprecedented march towards excellence by organising the Inter School Teachers Discussion Forum 2020, of the Qatar Chapter. It had witnessed expert panelist from twelve Indian Schools and audiences from across the Indian schools in Doha.

The remote session was ignited by the key Question confronting the Academics in this global lockdown due to COVID 19. The Pandemic has created a new challenge in the academic world where learning never stops. Mrs. Nazia Saleem of SIS and the moderator of the discussion raised the subject “Remote Learning – Challenges and Opportunities” that it opens up to the world.

Mr Noelin Rozario, of Nobel International School, discussed on the Pedagogical Approach and brought in the comparison between Traditional Classroom and Virtual classroom. Ms Joy Mary Ninan of Pearl International School drew the audience to the ways of moving the Classroom Online and its challenges. Mrs Bharati Patelfrom Al Khor International shared on how the educators could be empowered to deliver effective and engaging remote teaching. The role of an online instructor was emphasized by Mrs Magdalene Sylvia of M.E.S. Indian School. Mr Sethuraman Annamalai of Birla Public School focused on the ways instructors can bridge the gap between school and home. Mrs Sheeja Thamby of Shantiniketan Indian School shared some effective strategies to maintain a healthy and participatory virtual classroom. Reinventing ways to conduct online assessments was discussed by Mrs Parvathy Gopalakrishnan of DPS Modern Indian School. Mr Zuhaib Datey of DPS – Monarch International School answered questions related to digital equity and its solution. The importance of discipline during online classes and ways in which discipline can be promoted were discussed by Mrs Karishma Sahil Inamdar of Olive International School. Ms Padmini Venkatesh (Principal) Doha Modern Indian School showed how remote learning can pave way for better leadership as this will give new challenges in monitoring the process by moving from the conventional methods to real time processes.

The Heads of Indian Schools were also pooled into the discussion to share their thoughts on the ways to improve the remote learning sessions and make it highly interactive, engaging and fruitful.

Principal Dr Subhash B. Nair, congratulated the panelist and the audience for braving the challenges and stepping forward to find and discuss ways that could add a new dimension to remote learning strategies.

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