SIS Organizes Inter-School Teachers’ Discussion Forum

Shantiniketan Indian School has organized a Teachers’ Discussion Forum for all the Indian School in Qatar. Panel members Mrs. Vasavi Ayyanan from Shantiniketan Indian School, Mrs. Jasmin T. Varghese -Birla Public School ,Mr. Jose Thomas -DPS- Modern Indian School, Mrs. Annamma Shammy M.E.S Indian School , Mrs. Fathima Shamrooth -Noble International School , Mrs. Elizabeth George Mathew- Al Khor International School, Mrs. Lata Mathew -Rajagiri Public School, Ms. Shireen Ahmad- Pearl School and  Ms. Malabika Mitra  from Doha Modern Indian School discussed the scope , opportunities and limitations of  Differentiated Instruction. Mr. Dudley O’ Connor, Vice-principal (CBSE-i) of SIS moderated the discussions. Principals from six Indian schools attended the programme as guest. Mr. A.K Srivastava, Principal – Birla Public School, Mrs. Asna Nafees, Principal –DPS-MIS, Mr. Rakesh Singh Tomar, Principal –Doha Modern Indian School, Mr. A.J George, Principal -Olive International School, and Mrs Manjari Recriwal, Principal –Pearl School expressed the greatest appreciation for the initiative in bringing Teachers from all the Indian Schools together on a discussion forum. Teachers posed relevant questions live on-line for the panelists to answer.

The speakers shared their expertise and spoke about the experiences and pragmatic methods that will go a long way to ensure that every child in the class is included in the process of learning in terms of acquiring knowledge, processing, constructing, or making sense of ideas and information.

Mr. Donald D’Costa welcomed the delegates and Mrs. Heena Imran presented the vote of thanks to close the event that will surely bring forth more discussions on various significant topics related to the teaching-learning process.  SIS principal, Dr. Subhash Nair thanked the school management for facilitating such significant events intended to foster professional development among the teachers.

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