SIS Organizes Parents’ Discussion Forum on Future Challenges

Parents of Shantiniketan Indian School discussed in detail “Future Challenges” as they felt it was necessary to spread awareness to help children cope with the challenges facing them in the fast paced development around the world.

The discussion moderated by Mr. Younus Sayed, brought out the various challenges that parents have in front of them and how they could be overcome through their active involvement. The panelists Dr. Suveba Taranum, focused on the need of personality development. Mrs. Aqsa shared how Parental Involvement can help children create a positive learning environment and develop values and skills that could be instrumental in preparing for a better life.  Mrs. Jafla Hameeduddin took up confidence building among the challenges as a major focus area for preparing their children for the 2st century. Mr. Anis Karim highlighted  “Career Challenges” and urged the parents not to impose their own aspirations but rather identify the needs of time and help children to decide their own career for their own happiness which could make them socially responsible and better human being. Mr. Pradip Ghosh brought to light the challenges and opportunities that Artificial Intelligence is coming up with in the coming decades.

Mrs. Sheeja Anis took up the role of the MC. Mrs. Anette Jane Rebeiro welcomed the gathering and Mrs. Maria Mendes presented the vote of thanks.

Principal – Dr. Subhash Nair expressed happiness for choosing to discuss a very relevant topic. While reviewing the whole discussion, he advised the parents to deliberately attempt doing three things – learn something from your child every day; make them understand that everything in the world will not always work based on logic; and give them ‘discipline’ – ie. the ability to control body and mind. He urged the parents to celebrate parenting opportunity and make our children’s life wonderful. Along with Senior Vice- Principal – Mr. Shihabudeen Pulath, and Vice Principal – Mr. Dudley O’Connor, he felicitated the Panelists and the Moderators for an engaging and enlightening discussion of parents.

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