SIS Parent-Teacher Discussion Forum

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Shantiniketan Indian School organized the Inaugural Session of the Parents- teacher Discussion Forum 2016 on Thursday 20th October 2016.

Panel Members Dr. Geetha Menon, Mr. Mohammad Musthafa, Dr. Shaikh Dawood Hasnudden, Mrs. Shahnaz Saleem; Mrs. Rizwana Begum, Mrs. Fathima Rizna and Mr. Shakir Hussain discussed in detail the Scope Opportunities and Limitations of Parents Role in the School Improvement Programme. Mr. Shihabudeen Pullath, Senior Vice Principal of SIS, moderated the lively and open discussion.

Parents, Members of the Managing Committee and Teachers, gathered at the Multipurpose Hall to witness and participate in the whole-hearted discussion that will definitely open a new chapter in the parent’s role in the improvement of the school. Parents posed questions online which were effectively answered by the panel members.

Mr. Abdul Kadar T, General Secretary of SIS, released the booklet on the topic. Principal Dr. Subhash Nair, appreciated the initiative of the school management and the active participation of the parents for the resounding success of the event.

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