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SIS Preparatory Boys Team Excel In Sop Football Competition

SIS Preparatory Boys Football team exhibited remarkable performances in different rounds of the Inter School SOP Football competition- 2019-20, organized by Qatar Olympic Committee recently. The teams showed great skills and coordination to defeat some of the best teams in Doha, Qatar.
The SIS team was unfortunately eliminated after the fourth round due to goal difference.
Members of Preparatory team;
Haroon Rasheed- 9 F, Eshan Ashraf- 9 F, Insaf Ahsan 9 E, Sameek Harshal- 9 C, Muhammaed Nishan- 9 F, Furkhan Alam- 9 D, Steve Lobo, 9 C, Mohammed Thameem- 8 F, Abdullah Adem Abdi- 9 D, Athif Rahman- 7 C, Sinan Basim- 8 E, Nasooh Bin Farook- 8 A, Ahmad Abdel Rahman- 8 C, Awad Mahmoub- 8 B, Mhd Rafi- 8 D, Nabeel Ali- 9 E, Nafih Nasser- 9e, Nabeel Ahmad – 8c.
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