SIS President’s Address to the Children During Republic Day Celebrations


On the occasion of 65th Republic Day, I extend warm greetings to all members of SIS family the students, teaching and non teaching staff, parents, Management, the Director Board and all friends and well wishers.

The first thing I did tody is to read the speech of the Honorable President, of India Shri Pranab Mukherjee, addressing the Nation on the occasion of the 65th Republic Day.


It is my pleasure to quote some of the lines from his speech. It is full of values and as you know SIS is always committed to values and it is our slogan to excel with uniqueness in all areas including promoting the values :-


The President says:-


The Republic Day commands the respect of every Indian. On this day, sixty four years ago, in a remarkable display of idealism and courage, we the people of India gave to ourselves a sovereign democratic republic to secure all its citizens justice, liberty and equality. We undertook to promote among all citizens fraternity, the dignity of the individual and the unity of the nation.

He continues FOCUSSING on the Democratic values which all Indians and all friends of India should understand and support it:-

Some cynics may scoff at our commitment to democracy but our democracy has never been betrayed by the people; its fault-lines, where they exist, are the handiwork of those who have made power a gateway to greed. We do feel angry, and rightly so, when we see democratic institutions being weakened by complacency and incompetence. If we hear sometimes an anthem of despair from the street, it is because people feel that a sacred trust is being violated.


I am not a cynic because I know that democracy has this marvellous ability to self-correct. It is the physician that heals itself, and 2014 must become a year of healing after the fractured and contentious politics of the last few years.


India is not just a geography: it is also a history of ideas, philosophy, intellect, industrial genius, craft, innovation, and experience. The promise of India has sometimes been mislaid by misfortune; at other times by our own complacence and weakness. Destiny has given us another opportunity to recover what we have lost; we will have no one to blame but ourselves if we falter.


A democratic nation is always involved in argument with itself. This is welcome, for we solve problems through discussion and consent, not force.


There is a special STRESS on Education QUATING the founder of Shanthiniketan Dr Rabeentranatha Tagore which is very important for those who are involved in Education :-


Education has been an inseparable part of the Indian experience.. The quality of education has to be the focus of our attention now. Education is no longer just the privilege of the elite, but a universal right.


I am being neither immodest, nor beating a false drum, when I claim that India can become an example to the world. Because, the human mind flourishes best when it is, as the great sage Rabindranath Tagore said, free from fear; when it has the liberty to roam into spheres unknown; in search of wisdom; and when the people have the fundamental right to propose as well as oppose.


He concludes saying:-


India’s true strength lies in her Republic; in the courage of her commitment, the sagacity of her Constitution, and the patriotism of her people. 1950 saw the birth of our Republic. I am sure that 2014 will be the year of resurgence.


I would like to conclude my words requesting the SIS FAMILY to read and understand the values in the speech of the Honourable President and take an oath to support it through out our life.


We will add the speech and it,s translation in SIS Web Site for easy reference of all.



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