SIS Recognizes Annual Achievements

Shantiniketan Indian School organized a staff meeting recently to discuss on the topic “Technology and the teacher: an era of reckoning.” Mr. K.C. Abdul Latheef, President, SIS Management Committee, shared with profound joy, the consistent growth of performance in scholastic and co-scholastic achievements of the students. He congratulated and appreciated the meticulous planning and the SIS 3Gs approach: Genuine self-awareness, Generous hard work and Generative innovation. He encouraged the teachers to continue striving towards excellence with uniqueness. Principal Dr.Subhash B Nair reinstated the concept of illusion of competence and sparked an awareness of the burden of non-comprehension among students which can be overcome through inclusion, equity and personalized instruction as the core approach in implementing SIS- LEARN- Active Learning Pedagogy with a tagline: Every child can learn and achieve high performance.”

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